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The Town of Radcliffe 

Radcliffe, Kentucky is a small rural community located upon the southern bank of the Ohio River. It is approximately three hours away from Louisville. According to the 2020 census, Radcliffe's population is 5,520.

Aerial View of Farm

Franklin Farm 

For over one-hundred years the Saunders family has owned and operated the 800-acre dairy farm. Their products are sold mostly in the southern and midwestern region of the United States. The business is going through a monumental transition when Esther, Louise, Martha, and Steven now have controlling interest in the business. Daniel also holds some stock in the business too. The family also resides in the ancestral house as well.

Interior of Cafe

The Waterfall Bar 

In 1989, Mae and Horace Jackson, opened up the local bar where it has gone onto become a hub for the entire community over the last thirty years. The Jackson family has lived in the apartment above the establishment as well. The bar solely became Mae's when Horace died in 2016. Currently, Antoine, Martha, and Will work behind the bar. The bar serves spirits, non-alcoholic drinks and hot foods. 

JoJo's Cafe 

JoJo's Café first opened its doors in 1992 on Main Street. It was before coffeehouses became the trend. Throughout its two decades, it has had several owners and management. The café serves hot and cold drinks and delicious baked goods. In 2019 The Covington Group purchased the eatery. Tricia manages the café, and Elijah works there as a barista. At the grand reopening, Martha restarted her singing career here.

Organic Farmers Market

J&M Shoppe

J&M Shoppe is in the Cliffe Retail Complex that the Covington Group constructed as part of their residential and retail development project. The store owner is the newest Radcliffe resident Jai Gupta who after years running his family's stores. His dream of being an entrepreneur will become a reality. The store will serve things such as produce, meat, wine, and other essential items.

Office Building

Covington Group 

The Fortune 500 property development Company relocated from New York City to its original headquarters in downtown Radcliffe, Kentucky. Its employees include Daniel, Courtney, Tommy, Shauna, and Mala. Deirdre is a member of the company's board. 

Fine Restaurant

The Chateau 

The only fine dining restaurant in Radcliffe, Kentucky. With' it's live music and superb service, it is a popular place for personal and professional meetings.

Kids Riding Horses

Esther Saunders Stables 

In 1997, with her sizable divorce settlement, Esther Saunders purchased the establishment that includes horseback riding lessons, training facilities, and trail rides. Tanner also works here.


Radcliffe Receiving Hospital

The local health care facility is where you go when you're sick and injured. The hospital encompasses several specialties and offers top-notch care. Peter Saunders passed away after suffering a massive coronary. New Radcliffe resident Samuel Gupta works here as a psychiatrist.

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